Hillman Herbert & Cooper Premier model F c. 1889

This famous 'Model F' is a very characteristic early diamond frame, made by Hillman, Herbert & Cooper. The brand name was Premier. The model is built of channel section steel and was produced in 1889-1892.

The bike you see in the pictures is pitted from rust under the shiny black paint, I guess some parts like brake lever, saddle and hubs are not original. I have seen more of these and the other bikes had radial spoked wheels.
But still: it's a very good bike and you cannot confuse this frame with anything else.

Old Premiers always had left side drivetrain. A lot of people changed this... I guess they just don't know? Last picture is a bike in excellent original condition. You will find more pictures of that bike if you click here.

I made a graphic drawing of HHC / Premier serial numbers, click here.